UEM and R Marketing Group


Urban Entertainment Marketing, Inc. (“UEM”) will provide:

  • A thoroughly planned, flawlessly executed marketing performance from start to finish by a staff of entertainment/event marketing professionals.
  • A focused performance delivered to your chosen audience (the trade, consumer, your sales force, franchises, bottlers, distributors, media, etc.)
  • An effective, innovative, cost-efficient program that is your ticket to uniquely meeting your marketing objectives.
  • The flexibility to beat local market competition or to leverage special opportunities through micro-marketing.
  • Ownership of the event, if you choose, so your marketing dollar covers more ground.
  • Delivery of value-added top spin (from TV, cable and radio specials to special proof-of-purchase merchandising, longevity and multiple extensions and overlays to reach your marketing goals).

The “R” Marketing Group is comprised of efficient and effective professionals with over 30 years of experience in marketing communications. This group has the outstanding skills and experience necessary to manage marketing communication programs.

Always the consummate professionals, The “R” Marketing Group is not only creative, but also understands the need for bottom-line results. We are capable of devising strategies to meet the needs of even our most demanding clients. The “R” Marketing Group has a range of value-added services, which include the following:

* Advertising
* Public Relations
* Marketing Research
* Media Training


Retail Consulting Division

UEM has created a retail consulting division to ensure products move at the point of sale. This entails inventory control, merchandising, special promotions, personnel administration, customer service, site analysis, loss prevention, and cash management.