Event Marketing

Urban Entertainment Marketing hires the most dynamic thinkers, sorts through enormous amounts of information, dedicates energy and countless hours preparing and implementing campaigns to create timely, effective promotions for one, and only one, purpose:



Whether your company is selling a product, service, image or idea, the minds and desires of the target audience must be stimulated to buy. Urban Entertainment Marketing selects what it needs from the information explosion, and creatively combines that information with the marketing requirements of your product to create a highly visible, effective selling tool. Your target audience is informed of your product’s existence, quality and value to them as consumers. However, in order to reach this information-bombarded audience, the events must be standouts in the field. The must be timely and creditable.


Because the more effective your promotion, the more you will sell. Thus, our relationship to the growth of your product, indeed, the success of your company, is an extremely important one. That is why you should consider Urban Entertainment Marketing as the Event Marketing firm to whom you will finally entrust the sacred task of promoting your product and/or service.The demographic changes taking place in the United States today are the most dynamic since the wave of European immigration during the last century. African American, Hispanic and Asian Pacific American populations are growing at seven times the rate of the general population. The days of broad-scale advertising alone are over because of demographic changes in the population.

The objective of Urban Entertainment Marketing is to help clients communicate more effectively with diverse market segments. We at Urban Entertainment Marketing know the minority media outlets, how to execute public relations, in-store merchandising programs, and other marketing communication efforts. We also have connections with the entertainment and culture of the community.

African American consumers command over $500 billion in annual purchasing power with a yearly population growth rate twice that of the general population. Building business within this essential segment of consumers, therefore, is a strategic contribution to both the short- and long-term marketplace success of many products and product categories.


To gain such significant new business opportunities, Urban Entertainment Marketing, Inc. understands that African American consumers best respond to tailored, personalized invitations to purchase. Traditional mass marketing efforts are neither efficient nor effective. General market media, for instance, under-deliver against this consumer segment and their messages fail to convey to African American consumers that these products are “appropriate” for their use and consistent with their cultural images and mores.

Companies that have aggressively targeted African American consumers over the past 20 to 25 years, in such industries as fast food, beverages, athletic shoes, and personal care have been handsomely rewarded with strong loyal consumer bases upon which they continue to build for profitable growth.