Public Relations

1.) What is your goal for seeking media attention?

2.) What is your story?

3.) Become familiar with the medium you are pitching.What kinds of stories do they use? What kind of deadlines do they have? What are your competitors doing?

4.) How can you exploit trends in your business? Seasonal trends?

5.) Use a rifle,not a shotgun,to deliver your pitch. Find out who the key people are. Find out how they like to receive information.

6.) Be creative in your approach,but make sure your message is clear.

7.) Offer yourself as an expert.

8.) Build a relationship with an individual reporter or editor.

9.) Explore non-editorial routes to visibility. Do you have a product or service to offer on a barter basis?

10.) Sometimes it will take many attempts before you succeed. ”Sending food or sample products is a guaranteed attention getter!”

11.) Recognize that everything in life is connected!